Hello, my name is Dan Sellers, and this is my wife, Heather. Together we’re pastoring a church plant called West End Grace Church in the western end of Snyder County. In 2013 God gave us a burden for the people in our community. Since then, God’s been faithfully guiding us into His plan for us to fulfill our calling as Christians, which is to see the captives set free!

It is our passion to see people set free from their past or present circumstances and to live in joy and peace and contentment in Jesus. We believe the gospel is powerful and complete for release from bondage to live a Spirit-filled life.

The core values of WEG are love, freedom, and creating a “safe house” atmosphere.

We would love for you to come join us and get to know us. Our meeting places are subject to change, so feel free to contact me to find out where we are.

God bless you,

Dan Sellers

West End Grace Church
PO Box 183
McClure, PA 17841
Email: westendgrace1@gmail.com

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